Patient Stories

Maria & Andrew’s Story

From Corbella’s Nurse Manager:

When Maria and Andrew came to Corbella, they had a fourteen-month-old daughter. They explained that Maria became pregnant when their daughter was just five months old. Feeling overwhelmed, they had a chemical abortion at that time. Now that Maria was pregnant again, they planned to have a second abortion. We talked about Maria’s support systems, and she shared that her parents are against abortion. She hadn’t told them about her previous abortion, and she didn’t plan to tell them this time either. Maria listed her reasons for wanting to abort as financial and said they felt their daughter needed all of their attention. 

We talked about Maria and Andrew’s faith, and they said that they were not practicing but believed in God and Jesus. They accepted the offer of prayer, and Maria cried. There was a change in their demeanor. I believe they were allowing God into their situation and decision.

We talked about their options, the risks of abortion and the increased risk with multiple abortions, the growth and development of the baby in utero, and the importance of confirming the viability of the pregnancy.

Afterward, Andrew said they had not been told any of this information when they had the abortion nine months ago.

An appointment was scheduled for an ultrasound the following week. Andrew had to work, so Maria came to that appointment alone. She stated that they decided to go with their original plan of abortion and were both on the same page. The ultrasound was inconclusive, as we could not see the heartbeat. I explained that she was early in the pregnancy but that we should be able to confirm the viability in a week, and an appointment was scheduled.

I wasn’t able to contact Maria after several follow-up attempts. But to my surprise, she arrived at the next scheduled appointment. She appeared much lighter and was smiling. Maria announced that she and Andrew had decided to have their baby! I asked what had changed, and she said they needed more time to talk about it and think it through. I told her how happy I was for them and their family and how proud I was of her for allowing the process. The ultrasound revealed a beautiful 8-week old baby. Maria constantly smiled as she watched the monitor. I asked how she felt after seeing the baby, and she replied, ‘Very happy.’ Maria came back one more time for her fourth appointment. This time she brought her mother, who was so supportive and happy to be sharing this moment.

Jenna and Leo’s Story

Jenna and Leo were both in graduate school and felt unprepared to have a child. When they learned Jenna was expecting, they chose to take the abortion pill. An ultrasound was performed by the abortion pill provider and the couple was told their baby was at five-and-a-half weeks’ gestation. After that appointment, Jenna took the first abortion pill; however, she and Leo suffered immediate regret. Jenna searched online to see if there was any way to reverse the abortion pill. She quickly got in touch with Corbella Clinic, and the team helped her through the Abortion Pill Reversal protocol. At the same time, Jenna decided to share everything with her mom who was very supportive. Just one day after the ultrasound at the abortion provider, Jenna’s ultrasound at Corbella showed a seven-week baby with a strong heartbeat! The abortion provider had not only been dishonest with Jenna and Leo about their baby’s gestational age, but had also told them there was no way to reverse a chemical abortion. The couple was incredibly joyful upon seeing their little one in utero and left Corbella with several pictures of their unborn child in hand.  

Jasmine’s Story

Jasmine called Planned Parenthood in a panic the day she found out she was pregnant. She intended to schedule an abortion appointment immediately, but upon discovering the cost of an abortion, she hung up. She searched online again, desperately looking for a solution. She came across an ad for Corbella Clinic and called right away. A medical consultation was scheduled for that same day and she arrived at the clinic with her mom and boyfriend. After receiving medical care and education about her options, Jasmine remained undecided but left with greater serenity than when she had first called. Jasmine returned one week later for her second appointment and made a choice for life after seeing her baby via ultrasound again. This young mother attended two more weekly ultrasound appointments and continued to be at peace with her decision at her fourth ultrasound. She is grateful to have the support of her mom, as well as her boyfriend and his family. Many times, patients are stressed, overwhelmed, or feeling pressure at their first appointment. Weekly repeat appointments provide opportunities for women to experience their ultrasound and the education and care the nurse provides with a more open and relaxed disposition. It encourages them to slow down, think through their options, witness their baby’s growth and development, and make an informed choice. Since beginning our patient process involving weekly appointments, many women who initially came to Corbella determined to have an abortion changed their minds only after their third or fourth ultrasound appointment. Ultrasound technology has always been a powerful tool for pregnancy clinics. With weekly ultrasounds offered, a mother’s decision-making process is enhanced all the more by numerous opportunities to encounter the life of her child in her womb.