December 2022

  • Corbella Clinic was recently blessed with a generous grant from Elgin Township. These funds will help us cover the increasing operating expenses of our medical program. The addition of a new medical room and ultrasound machine in 2022 gave us the ability to serve twice as many patients, but also increased our medical expenses substantially. Elgin Township funds will greatly assist Corbella in serving a growing number of patients seeking help, answers and education in their early stages of pregnancy and beyond. We are extremely grateful to Elgin Township for their crucial support!

September 2022

  • We are thrilled to announce that Corbella has completed the addition of a new medical room, including a second ultrasound machine for the clinic, and the ability to serve twice as many patients! The new machine has 3D technology and will allow our nurses to capture even clearer, sharper images of our patients’ growing babies. 3D ultrasounds are powerful tools to help moms see the reality of the new life inside of them. The cost of the machine was covered by a grant from Pre-Born. Corbella also received a grant from the Community Foundation of Fox River Valley to pay for medical furniture, plumbing, and equipment. The wall plaque recognizing the generous CFFRV grant is displayed in our new medical room. We are especially grateful to two volunteers who generously assisted with renovating the room, as well as to our dedicated medical room patrons, who provided financial support.

Julia Lynn, RN prepares to offer a life-saving 3D ultrasound in Corbella’s new medical room

March 2022

Our donor website is live! 

  • We have just launched our new donor website where you will encounter powerful patient stories and testimonials, Corbella news and updates, mission and history information, and the opportunity to support our life-affirming ministry through a financial gift. Our website is called “Missionaries of Life” to honor you, who share in our mission to save moms, dads, and babies from abortion. 
  • We initiated our Spring Appeal to raise funds for our pro-life work. The Spring Newsletter highlights three patients’ stories which illustrate the life-saving impact a Missionary of Life has in our community.  We pray these stories will inspire you and bring you the joy of knowing your partnership is truly saving lives. Please consider making a donation to our Spring Appeal. We are very blessed to have your continued support and prayers! 

February 2022

  • Corbella’s team is now meeting weekly to pray together. The staff gathers around an image of Our Lord Jesus mid-day every Wednesday.  Our prayer time includes Scripture reading, devotion/reflection, music, intercessions and quiet time. We offer our work to God, and pray for our patients and their unborn children. We also pray for our donors and their special intentions.

January 2022

  • On January 14, 2022 Corbella closed on the purchase of the property adjacent to ours. We are discerning the best way to use the property. Some possibilities are expansion of the building and/or the parking lot, or something new all together. Please pray for us as we discern the next steps.
  • Corbella’s staff got together for a meeting and retreat on 1/26/2022. We spent time in prayer,  reflection, and offered this new year of our ministry to God. It was a great opportunity to spend time with each other and renew our trust in the Lord and our commitment to serve, love, and support our patients, equipping them with the tools they need to choose life.